Gaucho Saddle
A Riding Experience From Another World 
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A Working Saddle With Centuries Old Tradition
The traditional version of the Gaucho Saddle has been used for centuries by South American Cowboys called Gauchos.  It is a working saddle.  Rugged and tough yet comfortable for both horse and rider.  Gauchos are known to ride all day for weeks on end while working livestock on vast cattle ranches of the plains.  Steeped in history and an integral part of the local horse culture.
The old style Gaucho Saddle needed anywhere from 7-9 individual saddle pieces that had to layered, put together and double cinched to the horse as part of the everyday saddling routine. This process was tedious and time consuming.  The new style Gaucho Saddle takes the basics of the traditional one, combining all the parts, and streamlining the design to make a light weight, easy to use saddle.   Now simply use any type of thin saddle pad that works, place the saddle on top, girth up, and attach a breast collar, and you are ready to ride in seconds.  The stuffed bars are now shaped and contoured to form a secure riding seat pocket, lower profile, and wider foot print on the horse's back to distribute weight.  It makes a great all round general purpose saddle for pleasure, trail, endurance, exercising, colt starting, and training.  
A New Version of the Traditional Gaucho Saddle