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A Riding Experience From Another World 
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Welcome to Gaucho Saddle
Take a moment to learn about the traditional treeless Criollo Recado of South America called the Gaucho Saddle.  It is a Centuries Old, Proven Design that can be Ridden All Day in Comfort for both Horse and Rider.   Adaptable, Light Weight (~10lbs) and Easy to Use.  Made to be ridden by Gaucho Cowboys on Large Stock Ranches.  It is a working saddle that is Tough, Rugged, Dependable, and Secure, plus it will Fit a Large Range of Horse Types.  Expand your Riding Horizons.  Get into a Gaucho Saddle.  It's a Riding Experience From Another World.
By Ironless Horse, LLC
Walter Josey
Apple Valley, UT 
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Riding Experience From 
Another World
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